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Bren's intro


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Hi I'm brendan or Bren for short I'm a high-council in resurrection a new mid level clan that is getting better everyday we have been around for a month or so and I have been in since it opened I help make it of what it is today I have been friends with the staff since I pretty much got into the pure community ever since I joined pure community last summer I have grown to love it I cruntly have 2 pure accounts 1 of thembis pker anthems that I got from a friend when mine was hacked and my other account h0w3 returnz is my low lvl account for inception which is the most amazIng clan I have ever heard of it's the most organized clan that I ever seen I'm currently inactive untill I get my computer back I have my iPod that get the internet untill then




-Bren,proud high council of ressurrection




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