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Inception's Saturday


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Inception has been in a slump recently due to our recent merge with Hp, but now, things are starting to work out pretty well. We headed out of w13 with a good 11 Members and reached a peak of 16. This had to of been our best Bh trip out of all of the Trips we had in our 5 months of life as Inception.





Inception Vs Violent Demise

Fight 1


We got a word that Vd was in our world, we quickly got a fall in by altar and waited for them to come. Suddenly, Vd showed up and rushed us not getting a clear strong pile. We swiftly downed 3 targets within 10 seconds. With our good calls in vent and spam ingame we pushed them back into clan wars. We then got a fall in and headed back to Bh bank.


Ic Starting: 11


Ic Ending: 7


Vd Starting: 10


Vd Ending: 5-6 (In Clan Wars)














Inception Vs Violent Demise

Fight 2 (Lava Gap Pkri)


I asked Vd leader for a Pkri and he accepted. We gained a few more opts while waiting to re bank and re charge prayer. We headed up to the Gap to Defend and quickly Dd'd near the tree. We waited as they rushed us taking out 2 of their targets fast. We quickly took our 2 of theirs aswell. Ive never seen Pile transition like this before from Inception. We were top notch today with Piles. 2 minutes into the fight we pushed them out of the gap and chased them down to dwarfs and took the win. Good fight Vd, Respect, Hope there is no sudden tension between us.

Ic Starting: 14


Ic Ending: 12


Vd Starting: 10-11


Vd Ending: 0












Good job to both clans today, fought well. See you next weekend VD.

| Ex Moderator of PUREWARFARE |


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Goodfights we had 10 boths fights and we gunna get u next week grr B)

Proud founder of Violent Demise
Proud Member of Intense Redemption
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