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Scribbbs PK Video 2


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69 combat during this vid, and for everyone's information, this isn't just some pure fighting pures in Edgeville. If anything I fight mostly mains, and I pk all around castle/stealing creation area as well.






High Detail F2P PK video:



AWARDS: BestCaller.png - bestf2ppker.png - bestf2ppk.png - coolestmember.png - bestscout.png - besttripvids.png

PK Video:

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I like it, put an annotation hq fullscreen then you can see perfectly.


those things are simply annoying, in my opinion. If people wish to watch it in HD and fullscreen then it's their choice. They don't need popups through-out the video telling them what to do. Heck, it could just be put in the description (oh wait, everyone fills that up with about 200 different tags to try and get their video seen).


Back on topic, nice video Scribbbs :)

Omni is my one. My only.
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