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  1. I've been playing RS since classic, and the wilderness after this EOC update has made me reminiscent of my memories of learning to PK in Rs2. Most of the wilderness was empty, except for varrock/hills and edge. Lots of noobs and people still learning what to do, lots of 1 itemers and nobody cared as much. If you ask me, the game has reset itself. And if it survives this update, then this is just the beginning.
  2. I don't know why you keep saying MM is closed, I mean look at this post on zybez: At least Solo is trying to set your straight MM is, Goop is trying to claim eop to be the last pure clan ever lol. Anyways, it sucks to see you close as you were our primary competition. We'll be pulling the plug soon
  3. MM-RS.ORG MM set out on our Saturday EOC trip with about 11 people, which was less than we expected because someone started a battlescape event an hour before we started. We knew we were outnumbered by EOP but pushed on, and after killing a few randoms around the wild we encountered EOP at the lava gap and were mostly overwhelmed by their numbers. EOP then agreed to a few matched fights with us in clan wars, so we headed off to the Gamers Grotto. We had a few tactics in mind that we wanted to try after a disappointing loss on Wednesday, and despite a few hiccups that left us down by 1 during our fights, we managed a successful 3-0. EOP wanted to practice some inners, so we continued our trip in the white and red portals, basically working on our piling etc until we got bored. Then we hit up the wilderness, mostly at rune rocks/mossies/greaters and had a blast fighting all the mains and small teams that we ran into. We stayed out until most of us had some loot worth banking, then made our way back to edge and called it a trip. Videos: D4rk's vid of EOP fight
  4. Yeah well that's mms fault for being ignorant. I'm not lowering my clans defence req because like the old days we're now wearing mith and not addy which mm was wearing before the update so there shouldn't be a problem. Eop is now a 1-34 def pure clan for the freedom ability and turmoil etc. For mm to not raise def reqs would be dumb due to the fact that mith is now 30 def, and they used to bash on addy and not mith which they can now not wear! We bashed on your addy because you were all 30+ def. If you were 40+ def we would have bashed on your rune instead. We all hated (and laughed at) the fact that the pure community totally lost sight of what pures were, and started training defense for defense bonuses (instead of focusing on how to preform better offensively) That being said, I don't know what's going to happen with our defense requirement now that EOC is out.
  5. I first discovered pure clans by google searching Volcanic Fox back in 05. Ended up finding MM forums and decided then that they were the clan I wanted to join. I was pretty far off the requirements though because I was F2P and only ever PKed, but I slowly built up my stats and one day met Tom N Eto in the wilderness. He thought I was pretty talented and recruited me to a very small team of maybe 5 people, where we initially planned to establish ourselves as a clan. This was right around the start up of The Hatred and I ended up convincing him to join TH with me. I decided after 2 weeks or so that I hated TH's leadership and ended up quitting them, though Tom decided to stay with them. It was shortly after this that MM introduced its new Pink Hat rank with requirements that I just barely met. I joined MM, and ended up having a short rivalry with TH that ended with the F2P fullout war. I spent about 6 months as a member of MM when jagex removed the wilderness and I quit playing. When I got wind of the wilderness coming back, I started playing again, and re-established contact with Tom N Eto. Even though I wanted to go back to MM, he convinced me to check out some Malice events and I joined them instead. After spending some time in Malice, they ended up promoting me, and I stayed with them until closure. When Malice closed I was eager to rejoin MM, and this was during their rivalry with Epidemic. About half of Malice joined E, the other half joined MM, and I've been a part of MM ever since.
  6. You don't cease to be a clan just because there's no organized competition :) There is such a thing as PKing without clan warfare :P
  7. I sometimes get that when I stumble across music I used to listen to. I believe the technical term for what's happening is called neurolinguistics; it's a type of cognitive science.
  8. Do you really believe MM had the worst quality when we spent years at the top of the competitive clan scene with an enormous defense handicap?
  9. Mark


    Yeah except pures can now only use Vanakka
  10. I talked to chain the other day and he said you guys don't even have a defense limit anymore. Stop tooting your own horn and go fight some other main clans because it's been obvious since day 1 you're not going to be getting action from anyone here
  11. Because it's the wilderness and you're supposed to kill people. I remember when clans pked for killing mains and loot... :ninja: I wouldn't mind if it went back to that
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