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Jacob's here ....yay?


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Real Life Name:


RuneScape Name:

Pur3_Rancid is my pure, currently using my tank Tokkul_Bow

Current Clan:

Ascendency #1



Football, rock music, reading football magazines, badminton, my pc and cod5 on the wii.


Current Goals:

To suceed in bounty hunter on my tank when it comes out. If i fail on it, ill get p2p on rancid and won't fail on that :) 94 mage on Tokkul after that.



I didn't know you had to register seperately on forums, i made my proper account on April 29th but coudn't log onto forums with it so i made this :P Was hoping to get into the first 10 accounts made. Im 11th </3

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