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rate me ?


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Yeah i know :) my mage kinda ( srs ) sucks. going to curse till 55 then alch till 85.

skilling hmm , nah :P don't like it yet. maybe in the further future.


ty guy's for the feedback






Proud To Be Belgian.




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9/10 cuz u dont need mage

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My only criticism or advice would be to balance out your stats more, but it all depends. If you're going to stay strictly with melee, then I would suggest at least 70 range and magic for binding with and having magic splash on you.

Omni is my one. My only.
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90+ str requires prayer.

Mr Crabby


99 Attack / 99 Strength / 99 Magic / 99 Range / 99 Constitution / 1 Defence / 99 Cooking / 99 Fletcing /



96 Range / 1 Defence

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