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Best Pk video of a MM ever made...

Dutch N Pk

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Dutch N Pk , PvP/Bounty Hunter Video 5






Hey, my name is Joey and this is my 7th Pk video, but the 5th featuring Dutch N Pk.

My other two videos were on Dutch Teh Pk, but after the wild was deleted I decided to get defense.

However, when PvP and was reintroduced, I made a new account which I leveled fairly quickly.

Hopefully this video is quite memorable, as I have tried to make it stand out from the rest. Many of you may have noticed, but Pk videos these days are overedited and monotonous. This video takes place primarily in edgevill, seers and Greens using Dragon Dagger, Vesta Longsword Ice Barrage and Range.

The video is edited with and Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects. I drop people for about 50m in this video and only got 5m in return =)

This video contains clips from the New Bounty-Hunter and PVP worlds.









.::Video Details::.


450 MB


10:40 Minutes


HD, 5.1 Surround


.::The Video::.


Click on the picture to direct you to my pk video




.::The Songs::.

Gary Jules - Mad World

12 Stones - Anthem for the underdog

Linkin Park - New Devide

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite

Lisa - Hallelujah




.::My Previous PK Video Link::.





Voodoo Pro, Tyler, Bryant, Ryan, Simi, Jordan, Sonny, Josh, Casey, Sev, Sunde, King, Mike, Virtus, Cam, Ck, Barrett, Inabit, V0idz and ofcourse Lolercats

& The rest




Thx -Dutch




Post on the Zybez topic aswell please


Dutch N Pk

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crowngolduh9lr6si6lk1.gifR.I.P. TLP Leader Rank - *18-11-07*
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