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Yo bro.


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Hi my name is Anthoni, I'm 15 and im going into my junior year of high school. I like to skateboard, and im getting into snowboarding. I like hanging out with friends, and watching movies. I dont know what to say really about real life anymore. LIFE<RS---j/k But i'm in the pure clan Ascendency, and we own =P My runescape name is I_k0_s0_m3_I I'm currently going for 94 mage atm, I'm at 92. But yeah, Have any questions just pm me on IRC my nick on there is [A]nthoni

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Hello Anthony, Welcome to PW

{ Elder of The Last Pures }


{ Christ lived the life I should, and died the death I deserve. }


{ Proud Moderator Of PW }


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Ooh you the new owner of I_K0_S0_M3_I, I use to be good friends with Joey (original owner) or w.e his named.


Welcome to Pure Warfare!


Yeah, Joey is one of my good e-friends. I bought the account off him about 3-4months ago. I gave him my tank ranger for it Dr_Jet_2

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