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Real Life Name: Matthew


RuneScape Name: F Ea Re D


Current Clan: Clanless, I do however fancy Malice, Chivalry, Mayhem Makers & FOE. So they are the clans that I I might aim to join.




In Real Life; I play rugby league, (#10) and love it ;D . Last year I got selected to play for the next level up but sadly broke my leg before I got to play my game, which lost me the chance to play for Rep which I would have made it into. Im currently being looked at for a chance of being sent to a rugby school in Sydney. Other interests include girls, music (******* love Post-Hardcore and **** like that), animals and cheese toasted sandwiches.


In Runescape;


PKing, duh. I hate doing anything else. I belong in the wilderness <3. I mean, I recently got banned so I have to actually TRAIN.


Current Goals:


Well having only just turned 14 I don't really know what my goals are, I mean, find a great girl and do well in school is basicly all I have right now.


I was thinking of studying psychology when I attend University .. if I attend it. I plan to but I dont know if I'll still want to at the end of Year12.


As I said, I only just turned 14 so I dont really have to worry about all this for another year or two. :)


P.S, Jay loves me.

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