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[ - Riggzilla - ] BH Video One


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Riggzilla BH Video One



60 attack

99 strength

20 defence

97 range

52 prayer

99 magic

95 hitpoints



**Note** This is my first time editing with Sony Vegas.



Filmed and edited by me. It's mainly clips from the +1 BH worlds. Only about 3 aren't.


So I've been pking for awhile now and never thought to make a video. Then my clan was making a video and asked everyone for clips. I uploaded my clips and I had too many clips for them. I asked my friend to edit me sort of like a small vid with the clips I uploaded for my clan. About a day after that, I got motivated into making my own video. Especially with the BH +1 out, I was ready to buy a C D Baxe. Which I did. I also purchased a d scim, but later sold it. So yeah, thats the story of my video.


Heres some pictures :








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Watching now. So far looks good =)

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