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  1. Hahaha keep our names in ya mouth boiiii. It's all you know how to do :3
  2. aaaaaaaaaaand you're all banned. hope you had fun while it lasted lol
  3. All serious attitude now that you realized you're screwed eh? What happened to talking all that crap and makin jokes? Have fun with the rest of this pathetic dying community
  4. I had fun so no. Was a nice experience meeting all sorts of people, including u bb<3
  5. Did work on kids, proud of you boys. Gf everyone
  6. Wouldn't be surprised to see a few clans close/slump
  7. Who cares? Obviously only a certain few of you do and are gonna be arguing on this topic for days, other peoples opinions don't even matter. This sounds like a personal debate between you two guys
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