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Daisy of Love



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  1. 1. who do you think should win Daisy's heart?

    • Flex
    • 12 Pack/Dave
    • London

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what do you think about the show!

give me your opinions on Daisy, Ricky, the guys of the house and most importantly who you think should win (:


i love this show<3 flex should win. if he doesnt, i want london to win even though hes a lowlife and didnt do anything to earn his position cause Ricky is stupid for letting him back on.. 12 pack is a con and Cage and Big Rig should have stayed instead of ChiChi and Sinister.

oh and fox is a trany.. -.-

i make de siggies
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i think 12 pack will win. All the dates they had together were serious life and loving. Flex just makes fun of people and cusses and london is a 30 year old dude pervert.

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