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A pure guide!


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A Pure Guide by Tom




1.0 - Introduction


This is guide, in which I will include everything a good pure needs.




2.0 - Stats


The following are stats you need to complete needed quests and get useful items.

• 66 cooking (with chef's delight)

• 53 thieving

• 40 crafting

• 50 firemaking

• 5 fletching

• 30 ranged

• 10 Slayer

• 50 Magic

• 48 agility

• 36 woodcutting

• 10 Herblore

• 10 Fishing




3.0 - Quests

• Death Plateau--Climbing boots and a requirement quest for Troll Stronghold

• Grand Tree--Attack exp + need for monkey madness

• Tree Gnome Village--Attack exp + need for monkey madness.

• Recipe For Disaster-- Adamant gloves (Best gloves a pure can get)

• Horror From The Deep--Zamorak, Saradomin or Guthix book.

• Lost City--Dragon dagger(normal,poison,+,super poisoned) and dragon longsword

• Monkey Madness--Dragon scimitar

• Desert Treasure-- Ancient Magicks staff and Ancient spells

• Priest In Peril--Desert Treasure and experiments requirement

• Digsite Quest—Desert Treasure requirement

• Tourist Trap--Desert Treasure requirement

• Temple Of Ikov--Desert Treasure requirement

• Priest In Peril--Desert Treasure requirement

• Waterfall Quest--Desert Treasure requirement

• Troll Stronghold--Desert Treasure requirement

• Shadow Of The Storm--Recipe For Disaster Requirement

• Demon Slayer-- RFD Requirement

• The Golem-- RFD Requirement

• Big Chomby Bird Hunting-- RFD Requirement

• Cooks Assistant-- RFD Requirement

• Fishing Contest-- RFD Requirement

The following quests are not needed but make training a little bit


• Waterful Quest- Fire giants, attack and strength exp.

• Biohazard- King Lathas training ground.

• Creature of Fenkenstrain-Experiments (*NOTE*Only start it up to the part where you go into the cave full of experiments)

• Desert Treasure-Ancient magiks and Ancient spells

• Roving Elves - Crystal bow

• Mountain Daughter= Bear head, offers best bonus's in the helm spot for a pure (only finish quest if you want 2k prayer xp)


The following quests give defence exp and should be avoided by pures

• Between a rock

• Dragon slayer (*NOTE* If you are a rune pure, do this quest for rune plate body)

• The Fremennik Trials (*NOTE* If you are a rune pure, do this quest for berserker helm)

• Hero's quest

• In Search of Myreque

• Nature Spirit (Might want to do if you want a little defence)

• The Holy Grail




4.0 - Where To Train


Rock Crabs:



Rating:[#808000] 4/5 [/#808000]

(Note: This place can be crowded at peak times and people can attack your crabs because it is a multi-zone)





Rating: [#505000]5/5 [/#505000]

(Note: This place is full of Rune Noobs and mains and can be crowded at peak times)





Rating: [#ffff00]3/5 [/#ffff00]

(Note: These are good for starter pures because they can heal you and food is not needed)


King Lathus Ogres:



Rating: [#808000]4/5 [/#808000]

(Note: These are ONLY good for mages and rangers.)


Cow... Yes cows:



Rating: [#ff0000]1/5 [/#ff0000]

(Note: Due to F2Ps limited training areas cows were added, also are good for starting pures, good cash aswell.)




Explanation: A hybrid is basically any person who uses more than 1 combat style. The more popular hybrids include range/mage hybrids and melee/mage hybrids, both of which complete desert treasure so that they can use ice combos with their specials as well as have hold spells.


The range/mage hybrid: There are 3 main classes of range/mage hybrids and they are ownage at their levels if you make them right.

[70 mage/range] [82 mage/range] [94 range/mage]


Starting off:

An easy cheap way to get up magic to alching level is to Pk f2p from 1-55 magic. This will take a few runes but it helps teach you how to Pk multi and how the wildy works. Once you are completed this, you then set up members and train your range up to 20-25. You can complete both of these in a week. Once you are finished then you cannon your range up to 55 (I did this at rock crabs, it took me 8000 cannonballs to get from level 1 to level 53, and then I mind bombed to alch 55 magic later after I had pc'd my range up), making yourself a "maxed out" range/mage hybrid (although at this level mage helps very little except for snares). Once you complete this, enjoy your low level range specials, pk multi in a group at around 35 combat, owning everything your level. I personally Pked my range up to 70, because I couldn't get enough of it. Profitable pking at low level isn't very hard when pking multi.


Completing 50 ranged, after this i suggeest training at Pest Control- NOTE: YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 40 COMBAT TO ENTER PC, I suggest alching until you are 40 combat, I ended up bieng 68 magic 40 combat before I started at pest control.


Some quests you can complete at any combat, it is best to do as many of the requirements for desert treasure and recipe for disaster so that you do not go over the amount of xp needed and make work for yourself.


The beginning of the range/mage hybrid: Once you have gotten your range up to 70 either by training or Pking, alch your magic up to 70, it doesn't cost much and if need be you can make your own bows and actually make a little bit of cash. Once you have done this you will need to get all of the requirements for Desert Treasure including 50 firemaking, 53 thieving as well as all of the prerequired quests. I also suggest completing "The Feud" quest as it gives you 15k thieving exp which will save you quite a bit of time at the lower levels. I trained my thieving up to 38 at cake stall (which I used as a filler-up food to conserve sharks at wildy), did the feud, then finished up 53 thieving at master farmer.


Desert Treasure:

Once you have all of the requirements, you go and actually start the quest, you are able to do most of it on your own. The only parts that I suggest you bring help is for the ice diamond, from which your friend can drop you food which you will need to defeat him. I suggest using fire blast for him, using water blast for Fareed, using range on the swamp one through the gate (he's the easiest) and for Damis, it's completely up to you, it requires quite a bit of luck but make sure that you lure him while he's still in his first form to somewhere where you can take him out easilly, I lured him up to the torch, then snared, 2 fire blasts, then behind torch, and continued that routine until he was dead, only got hit once because snare splashed.


The pyramid: There is a lot of talk about how this actually works but the way that it worked for me is that you either walk the floor, or run the floor. This means that if you have super energy pots, you can run the entire pyramid. If you don't have energy pots a friend can block with prayer for you while you both walk the floor. The traps are very annoying but once you get through it makes it all the more worthwhile.


Maxing out Melee Stats: Once you have completed desert treasure, you can very easilly max out your melee stats by completing a few quests including: Tree Gnome Village, Fight Arena, The Grand Tree, Death Plateau, (pre-required quests for Recipe for Disaster), Recipe for Disaster (up to mith gloves). Once you have completed these you should have around 45 attack/strength. You can also complete the Lost City Quest as well as Monkey Madness if you wish, both of which will save you time in the future.


The Beginning of Hybriding: Once you have completed all of that work, you are now ready to begin putting all your hard work into effect. Ice burst with range will be the funnest pking you have ever done in your life. Being able to kill anyone your level as well as holding off big teams will give you the upper hand in any fight. Pk like this for as long as you want.


The Turning of the Table:

At around 55 combat, melee starts to overtake range, with the dagger specs and dragon scimitar. There is much you can do to stop that, but I suggest getting 60 attack and maxing out your strength, the combat calculater will become your best friend at times. If you do decide to max out your melee stats, I suggest doing it after you are 80+ range and 82 magic, because blitz dagger spec combos are one of the most deadly combos in the game.


The Choice:

Now comes the time when you decide which path you want to take, may it be mage/range hybrid or melee/mage hybrid. Either way you will will be ownage. You must think about whether you prefer multi pking (where range/mage hybrids own) or non-multi pking (where melee/mage hybrids own). The two can both still be ownage in multi and non multi but overall that is how it works. It is possible to stay mage/range/melee maxed but it will get your hitpoints high, which can be good defensively, but offensively it will hurt you because you will end up eating more sharks and doing less damage.


The "Complete" Range/Mage Hybrid: This is perhaps one of the hardest attainable characters to have in the game but the most worth it. [Chrome Range is one of the best examples of this-94 Range/Mage, 1 defence 11 prayer at level 67.] Basically you will need to do a lot of alching, but I suggest keeping your range above your magic because being magic based only puts you at a disadvantage in the wilderness. This will take months of training to get your ranged above 90 but once you have it you will be unstoppable in multi combat with ancients. Once you finally hit 94 range/mage. Enjoy your months of hard work because you will have to pk a hell of a lot get enough exp to get a level in either of those levels. During your entire venture towards a range/mage hybrid, you will have the temptation to get defence and prayer. DO NOT FALL INTO TEMPTATION. Almost every pure that gets defence regrets it, it ends up hurting you whenever you Pk, and it makes it so much more boring in my opinion.


The Melee/Mage Hybrid:Perhaps the most popular of all hybrids available, the melee/mage hybrid uses blitz for combos, barrage for holds and for ice runners and whip/scim for high hits. 99 Strength will take you forever but I suggest staying 60 attack until you are 99 strength because then you can train your strength while Pking. Once you hit 99 strength then you can train attack while Pking and hit the max you can possibly hit, and eventually you will hit 70 attack and be able to start using the whip anyways, getting the whip early is just a waste of xp in my mind. Almost all hybrids end up becoming a mage/range hybrid because after 99 range 1 defence you will only be about 70-75 combat and it may get boring after a few months, and your range will always be there.


It is a long guide but if anybody wanting to make a pure was to follow i believe they would end up pretty sorted after reading it.

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not bad but if you're on a pure community site you probally wont need the "full" pure guide.


Never know though, odd main might stumble across this site and want to make a pure.

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From what I read of it (skimmed through most of the explanation section) I liked it.

You may wish to include the Mage Arena 'quest' (whatever you want to call it) for the god cape and/or staff and mention that one must cast the spell 200 times within the mage arena before being able to use it outside of the arena.

Omni is my one. My only.
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