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  1. Seems like typical greedy Jagex Glad I retired as well
  2. <3 Karl for working his ass off since '09 Miss you buddy
  3. Yeah I did willows up to level 90. Then I started doing maples/yews Willows are amazing cost efficient( from what I remember only 1-3k per tree) for decent xp.
  4. Ex0tic X0x

    The awkward moment

    The awkward moment when you browse through Runescape-related forums having a urge to play again then logging on and getting bored in 2 minutes immediately after
  5. Staking is money management in reality
  6. You can save so much time/gps for expensive skills like summoning by just buying this xp boost on another account now
  7. Yeah I'm using a VAIO right now and I only got it for ~$750
  8. Get the $999 one tbh, the only difference between that and the $1200 one is the latter has a Blu-Ray component and more memory
  9. Your 67 is coming along very nicely
  10. I could sell some of my old return sets and make some bank
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