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Hey guys!


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I've never really made an intro on a pure community forum before, even though I have been around the pure community for about 3 years on various accounts. So I figure I'll make one here.


My names Steve, and my RSN is: I--Behrad--I.

I joined this community hoping to replace that pathetic place called PC, I mean people there are good and all but I think the strictness, and the environment was unfriendly. Hopefully here will be totally different, so I have high hopes. I am currently in Fatality and have been in Fatality for about 2 years now. I just recently got promoted high council and I love the responsibility. I hate Runescape but clans keep me playing just because of the adrenalin rush you get during trips (well sometimes anyways). I've been playing Runescape since I was about 12ish and I'm 16 now so I have about a 4 year career atm. When it comes to real life I generally am riding bikes with friends on the week days and on the weekends whatever is going on is where I'm at. Which is almost always after clan trips.


So yeah, hi everyone.

[Fi]Steve ..::.. Forever Fi ..::.. Fatality
~ Proud Ex - warlord1.gifHigh Council of Fatality ~
Bleeding Green Since '07
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