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About Me

Well, my name is Aidan and I'm 14. I've been a graphics artist for almost 3 years and I'm a freshman in high school. I've been playing runescape for around 7 years now and been pure clanning for about 2 years. My first account (I Scene L) was a nearly maxed 35 defence turmoil pure. I error'd to 37 on accident and now am training a baby pure that will eventually become my perm. pure (Nan Beater.) My first ever pure clan was on a private server (BattleScape) called Trilogy, where I learned the ropes of the pure world, where I joined Zenith on RuneScape as my first (real/official) pure clan.

Clan History
Zenith V2 - 7 months (to closing)
Many of my friends from Trilogy had revamped the LPC of Zenith, so I decided to tag along in the boat and hop into the trolley. Zenith had a fun community and core members but disagreements with leadership and the amount of flame going on during this period were a bit too much for me. I held no grudges, but Zenith was not for me at this time.

We Are Royalty - 1 month(left)
Joined too suddenly, I realized quickly after joining. Leadership were inexperienced and headless.

Ambition - 2 months (to closing)
Am were probably one of the best clans I have experienced, most of the leadership and members were flawless and experienced, everyone knowing what they were doing. Due to leadership inactivity near the end of the run for Ambition, Ambition closed.

The Last Pures - 3 months (left)
TLP was probably the only clan I can regretfully say I have not put my heart into, community, leadership and maturity of everyone in TLP were astounding. Everyone knew what they were doing and was probably one of the most I-Dont-Care-About-Anything-But-Having-Fun kind of clans I have ever been in. Due to lack of activity because for IRL problems, I left TLP.

Repulsive -1 month (left)
Repulsive was an allover mystake, we had loyal/core members ready to take Repulsive on to the end of their pure career. Unfortunately, our leadership was messy, unorganized and frankly, stupid. Although everyone tried pulling their own weight, every rank had their flaws & when ranks got on eachother it would cause a rift between the leadership. I quit due to ranks telling me I did nothing for the clan, so if they didn't need me - that's fine. They closed about a week later.

Fatality - 2 weeks(left)
After quitting repulsive, I learned Logan, Ryan, Lawson and a few other Zenith members had jumped into Fatality. I was reluctant to join but after some community scouting and watching of their preps, I decided perhaps Fatality was a good clan for me. I joined with intention of staying their to the end of time - when I got word from Zenith ranks that they were reopening Zenith, and my heart followed. Fatality is a good clan, but Zenith is my home.

Zenith V3 - 8 months (left)
Zenith was my home for a long time for me, I've always loved every member, every elite and every rank of Zenith. They have meant so much to me, they were like family. But slowly, everything started to decline; starting with member maturity, to leadership maturity and than finally reaching the clan's face value. Everything in that clan started to degrade into rubble, something I was not prepared to sit around and watch as the family I once loved, was ripped and tarnished by the new wave of retardation. I was not happy here, so I left to find a new family.

Tribulation - 1 months (to closing)
For the short stay I had in Tribulation, I enjoyed myself more than any other clan. From the memberbase, to the leadership, to the server skill - was simply flawless. Every member mature (except for Alex|Waar, I hate you.) every rank smart. It was my home beyond homes, it were suppose my final stop in this pure world (had we not closed.) They may have been hated by many, but I loved every aspect of this clan. They were the clan I will forever love, they were perfect. I miss you, Tribulation.

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