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  1. Finally found this dang site and finally figured out my password to get back in here. Every few months I'm reminded of RS and how much fun I had on here effing around and doing moderate pure stuff in game. I try to sign onto the IRC chats and see if anyone is around. This time looks like all the channels are abandoned. if any homie sees this hit my email, I'd love to stay connected. [REDACTED] ❤️ Ya'll
  2. MACE


    Wow i was such a ****
  3. MACE


    Its p great. I'd only bot though no way in hell do i have the patience for grinding anymore
  4. <3 <3 <3 Are ya'll still using IRC?
  5. Mace has returned to see the death of PW. AS THE PROPHECY HAS FORETOLD.
  6. I am also really disappointed in you guys. mace comes back from the dead and I'm not even an admin? mace is god status this is blasphemy. again vry disappointed.
  7. MACE


    hi. can u believe it? I can't. #omni / #macecorp ftw
  8. i played this when they first opened it up to people, with the 10x experience rate. I figured it wouldn't last very long, that **** is just too good to be true.
  9. MACE

    RS Today

    Hi hello hi I haven't been on scape or even thought about scape in a long time, and I heard something about a new combat system so I decided to log on the other day and check it out. I logged on my main first, probably played around for an hour or so just to see what it was all about. Scape is finally like every other MMO out there and it sux. It's got an action bar and everything. From what Ive read around PW, it seems like there isn't much of a way to keep pures alive anymore. So, what're you all doing? Are you sticking with it? Going to other games? Private servers? How is the pure community reacting to this? Is there even still a pure community?
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