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  1. Started Runescape pking in 2004 (Cdaly) Created first pure account in 2005 (Poke N Die) Joined first clan in 2005 (Pk Inc) Made my first PK Video in 2005 (P0ke N Die2) Opening first clan in 2007 (Calamity) Been playing RuneScape for around 7 years since I was 11 years old. Not as old as some of the people here, but I've been around for a long time. I'd just like to know your story, where you came from and what you did. I started on my main account Cdaly. I trained up to around 65 combat and started pking, with nothing but a dds. I noticed pures around my level and so created one of my own (Poke N Die). I then created Sniped Range and got it defence. I ran Varrock wilderness, with a strong team made up of a lot of people. I'm not in contact with any of them, I lost all contact after I quit and SNiped Range got banned. DO YOU KNOW ANY OF THESE PEOPLE?... Zamorak Now (Ollie) Sara Now (Sam) N00blet Pk (Chris) Mr M3n Yo Yo Appled Frostydapker Turtledue O Rangex O Mr X Own Icy Phyre I 0bl1sk I Z7 O 0 O Z7 Molly Shany3 Floppyflapps Grove Park Bl33d Dog Glowbal Bt Blackman758 The Triad 7 Grand Pker Dark Pker Sick Slayer REPLY IF NOSTALGIA
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