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  1. And yet the irony of this thread is, you're attempting to convince the pure world to stop conforming by conforming to your idea of how a clan should operate. Do what you want and others will too. Enough with these pointless therads.
  2. They were pkin, we were pkin, so we had a lil scuffle. We had 22 starting and they had 16 starting so it was kinda unfair but it was still fun.
  3. We haven't got many people trained up yet, because most members only registered in the last few days, but 11 of us went out to fight some clans. Here's the vid:
  4. Control will be opening as a clan on that server this friday. We'll be operating as a pking clan, with the occasional run-in against another clan when we see any. There will be no mandatory events, pk trips will occur when we feel like going out for a trip. If you want to come along, come to #Ctrl and drop me a pm. We're all around 30-45 combat atm, and we're 1 defence only.
  5. Lol I'd really hate to be a Chelsea fan. Your fans are more fickle and annoying than the retards at MLS games who boo every opposition goal.
  6. No offense but trying to adapt and pulling 13 for pk trips was more embarrassing m8. Nice champions league idiot welcome to europa league bro!!
  7. I'll do my own awards Worst clan 2012: CP
  8. Just let it rest, it's time. Trying to squeeze more out of this community through private servers will only hurt the memories that we have left.
  9. accual i was spy in eop for mm
  10. Is cloudflare, I h8 it, and luckily for u im in process of coding workaround for it for a highscores parser. Edit cookies and delete: __cfduid cf_clearance
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