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  1. join the #1 matched clan today
  2. Today Imperial went out to prove a point peaking 38 yellow gods to show every clan up. Shoutouts All the action Imperial for showing every clan that we are still here Conviction for going out today Olympus for the first good fight, until you gained more ops Chaotic for showing up Alcohols POV
  3. Massed up 25 strong Yellow Gods to take on Lithuanian Pures for a F2P Prep. The first round was matched with overheads on which we won easily. Imperial was down 2 in the second round with overheads off, which we also won. And Imperial was down 4 in the third round, which we also won! Thank you Lithuanian Pures for giving us this event and for the daily fests in the Wilderness. Other LPC's take notes, that's how you step up your game. Currently on a ~9-0 Prep Streak! Round 1 - Win Imperial starting/ending - 22/19 Lithuanian Pures starting/ending - 22/0 Round 2 - Win Imperial starting/ending - 21/11 Lithuanian Pures starting/ending - 23/0 Round 3 - Win Imperial starting/ending - 23/20 Lithuanian Pures starting/ending - 27/0 Alcohol POV: Pc Active On POV:
  4. You just need a few community events and active staff to relive this shitt
  5. imperial

    The plan

    I work full time, so I only have weekends to get any major development done. That's why I asked for help, to which many people responded to, but none have actually helped yet. So please feel free to give your time to helping out, and I will do my best also. understandable.
  6. imperial

    The plan

    Karl you should get the show on the road, at this rate uploading pure-warfare was a waste lol. Communitys just deteriorating by the day, Start releasing **** so people get attracted, You can't sit and wait on it when theres already a active community.
  7. This community just needs things and events to attract them to these forums again.
  8. thanks for ruining runescape for the past 7 years with your obnoxious and selfish updates. I hope your house gets 9/11'd. That is all ty. http://services.runescape.com/m=news/a-letter-from-mod-mmg?oldschool=1
  9. If they make os free the game will be revived
  10. nice job sup good to see you posting around here.
  11. oh god a lebron follower lol
  12. imperial


    can't you migrate to different servers?
  13. imperial


    Anyone play league still? add me on NA servers Psilocybinac
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