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  1. Kyle we had 31 max the whole fight, idk where you're getting 40 at lol. They had 44 starting and 48 peak
  2. Chesty, you might just be the biggest retard the pure community has seen across the years. Congratulations on your promotion from syndrome, to definite syndrome. The sad thing is, you're asian...you have absolutely no excuses. Inu would be down right ashamed.
  3. I do not have permission to view your profile on your forums so cannot verify this. He is the Warlord of CP.
  4. Piper will lead the way #piper is love #piper is life brb crying
  5. Why would you hope his house gets 9/11'd lol
  6. I don't either man, I know you were cool with a bunch of Hi kids, most of them are already on here, but get them to post around more often!
  7. I still have fond memories of this site. Pure-Warfare kept this pixel game interesting for far too many years, and that's part of the reason why I spent the last 2 hours trying to locate my password to be able to log back in. Same, same, same. Good to see an old face, welcome back man. Keep posting around!
  8. This is kind of a sub-topic of what I posted on the "Community reviving" thread. I think another big step the pure community could take in thriving is the launch of a REAL community site. A real community site where other people in the Pure Community can interact tolerably with eachother. (I understand this probably won't happen tolerably, but that's what the moderators will be for.) The launch of the pure community site is here, right here actually. Pure Warfare. Pure Warfare could be a total blessing, and you're all lucky that Karl came back with it. The majority of you know the history of this site, and it was undisputably the best pure community website ever brought upon us, and if you try to say Sefket's Pure Community was better I will literally laugh down your throat. Pure Warfare is a safe place. There was very, and I mean very few hacks that ever took place, and if a hack did take place- Karl had it back within the hour usually. I can guarantee no IP leaking will take place, and no other phishy things. With all of this being said- GET PEOPLE to post on here AGAIN!! Trust me, I brought 6-7 people to the Pure Community through these forums, and that is no joke. Posting on this site can only benefit you, and your clan. We need to get our community thriving again, and now that we have a STABLE place to interact with one another- we can do just that. I truly believe this will be the first step for picking up activity within, @Karl you need to send a mass e-mail out telling people PW is back. Keep sending them. @Everyone else: Get your clan mates/members to sign up. If you see a random pure in game, tell him about the site. This will be the first step of a community boost. I promise.
  9. @Mulletking what on earth are you speaking about m8 I'm sorry, it's just how it is. None of you will find it fun fighting eachother 20v20, and if you do, well awesome man! I'd like to refer to the new clans as a new generation of pure clanning, on a dying game, they will not last. If there was thousands of pures out there to recruit, it'd be awesome, and I'd support keeping the pure community on ICU, but there's not, and we can all come to terms with that. The pure community will have no meaning after the historical clans are gone. CP, Fi..and good lord I get cancer saying it but EOP. Once they're gone, the pure community is gone. The real pure community. Obviously as seen how I've spent my childhood, and early/late teen years in the pure community, it sucks seeing that it'll die out soon. We all knew it would once they brought out the EoC ******** where JagGay completely disregarded pures, and then once OSRS came out we all had a big cheese on our face knowing we'd see some familiar faces again. My advice to these "Lpcs": Train up fellas. Give the remaining 'HPCs' competition. If you want the pure community to stay alive, that's all you have to do. Don't be afraid of losing. Don't be afraid of losing members. It's the ONLY way pures will stay alive. If you give them those fights, give them the action, start going out at the proper times, the community will thrive. I just don't have much confidence because I don't think half of the leaderships in these NEW clans understand that the Pure Community's fate resides in their computer screens and their lives. It's just honesty. It'll be up to you guys when it comes to "Will pure clans be around in 2-3 years still?" Best of luck keeping your **** alive fellas.
  10. it is ****** runescape u **** Shut up Kyle you fat ass
  11. You all live in a fantasy world. Sorry to be the negative Nancy, but I'm just being honest.
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