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  1. So what happens when the server is shut down because it's a copy of rs? Palidino and Jagex have an agreement that Jagex will not interfere with Battlescape unless Battlescape starts openly selling BSgp for RSgp. I loled ,doubt it Palidino made a topic about the agreement.
  2. So what happens when the server is shut down because it's a copy of rs? Palidino and Jagex have an agreement that Jagex will not interfere with Battlescape unless Battlescape starts openly selling BSgp for RSgp.
  3. It's easy to say that, but it conflicts with itself because there were 800+ active pures still active in the community. It's impossible that many people had big ass egos like that. They left thinking the eoc killed their community when it didn't stop making excuses and come over, or don't I'm just trying to gather survivors.
  4. What I don't understand is why every single one of you guys are still here on rs or went away and retired only to check up on dead forums! I don't understand why you guys are letting a good portion of this community die!!!! The rest of us are on Battlescape! We have been since 2009!!!! Listen, you say the Battlescape clans are **** nobodies? Dead wrong because FOE/TLP are working their asses off just trying to compete. We all have 35 def 110 combat? Not true because every clan is now 1-20 def and FOE is only 1 def now, who cares if we have over 1 def, it is still pure clanning none the less. We don't have a clan forums to post topics on and discuss things about? We do! If anything it is more moderated than these forums! Sure we can switch battlescape forums to here but for now we have a strong stable forums we can post and discuss on. The server isn't stable? It is and is still being worked on. The server doesn't have enough worlds? We are working on that right now and w2 is currently been made free on weekends for pure clans, we will have lots of new p2p AND F2P! WORLDS SOON! Palidino is welcoming every single pure clan into the community and is working to make sure everyone is comfortable there. FOE/TLP/WAR have already established themselves there and are working towards #1. Ask me any other questions. Bottom line is, you guys are wasting your time moping about how our community died when it hasn't, there is a better community on Battlescape just waiting for you and it breaks my heart to sit here and watch you guys act like it's all over. it's not and if you want to go on with your life go ahead, but for those that still aren't done with this game come to battlescape, I've had more fun on this server than I've had in top rs clans on runescape.
  5. This community has already died. It was dieing since 2011. I honestly don't see the RS pure community making a comeback anytime soon. Here's what I suggest and please don't close this topic or delete it please. Take this into consideration because it is pretty much the communities last hope. COME TO BATTLESCAPE!!! The whole community pretty much quit their clans or opened their clans up on Battlescape already! The clans on battlescape have tripled over the last two weeks, clans are pulling 110+s! We are no longer 35 def main, we are all mostly 1-20 def combat and our rank structures are solid. Battlescape is nothing like it was 2 years ago. Give it a try and I guarantee you will not regret it. The community has left RS and has transferred to Battlescape. The economy is good and TLP has already proven to be some great competition. Enough with the ********, just come over. Our community didn't die, RS's community died. Battlescape has more than quadrupled it's active playerbase and their is activity all over the wild. Runescape is ******** now, battlescape is the only place that can harbor our ways now. Just come already! Palidino is adding more worlds and more updates to support clans, he knows that pure clanning is going to be what saves his server, he knows this and he is doing everything he can to help us out. Just don't dupe and **** when you come over here, 30+ TLP members have already found out.
  6. I quit a while ago due to the shape the community was in. But I don't regret this at all, the only thing I regret is letting Complete Domination close. I was young and idiotic in that clan, but I had the best times. The majority of us didn't judge or hate (except a few) and that's why we weren't limited to what we could do. If I had the chance and the same people around me, I would gladly reopen CD on 2006scape or Battlescape (preferably 2006scape because of f2p) In this community, I learned how to look to the past, to help me for the future, I learned that the memories here will always be a part of my life. It's amazing actually. Think about it, 20 years down the road, when you have a wife and kids, you will always remember this small, tight knit community. All the battles, claims to fame, friendships, and rivalries, will be forever remembered. Each one of us will be traveling along different roads to life, but we will always remember. Hatred that we used to have for each other, would be totally gone by this time. Can you imagine a Pure-Warfare reunion 20 years down the road? Hopefully some of you keep in touch with each other, I no longer play RS and havn't been a part of this community for a while, but I still have a community and friends back at Battlescape. #Annihilation if you would like to continue your experience. Average player count used to be around 200, now it's at 600. GF scape!!! L0L!!!
  7. I know that we all have great memories of good times in this community, but I also know that everyone will always have their regrets. My question to you is, what was your regret? Was there something you could have done but didn't? It could be anything. You can post if you want, you don't have to if you want to leave this community on good terms. I know I haven't If you don't want to read or post, you can just leave. My regret is watching my community fall to pieces and negatively influence it's own members. I regret not being able to stop it. I regret not coming back to runescape near the end. I regret not being active in Fatality and helping to build it back up.
  8. My fondest memories would probably have to be: When TGG first reopened we were pulling 40, and fatality and foe were fighting at sperm hill next to clan wars, zell got a war speech and I think shroom recited the Z0 speech from IR, we rushed fatality and foe with 40 people while they had about three times as many, then cp eop and mm ran into the fray and it just became one big cluster, I had fun because we were ballsy as ****, in a good, happy kind of way. We were messing around in ventrilo and having a good time. When I first helped build Complete Domination with Blue stanger, trile, sl0w Burnz, Pink Clay, Iraqi4range, Mario Deleon, ******* Cody from MG!!! ******* hell! and the one and only legend, MG F T W!!! I liked dominating the LPC scene and recruiting all the other lpc clan's members, we then went into the med level scene and started a big rivalry with Calamity. I miss having p0ke hack our forums and our vents because he was mad after every trip lol. I remember beating EOP and CP in preps daily, and beating back FOE in Chaos Altar, (but they were split apart and confused as to who to go after, us or MM) but it was still fun and I remember the feeling of great accomplishment after that. Complete Domination wasn't anything professional, we were a bunch of spastics trying to make names for ourselves, we fought with each other all the time, but somehow we made it successful and (in my mind) taking #1 f2p med. I miss all those guys, I miss you too Logan, even though you were an incredible ****** at the time, you're still a part of my history, and I miss it (we continued our rivalry in Battlescape with Annihilation and Trilogy lol). Sadly we closed due to inactive leadership. I remember joining P0kes clan Control and having that big rivalry with zenith and Fatality. I remember meeting I am canadien in Control and having the best of times with that guy! #Napkin givers for life man, I miss you wherever you are (tear). I remember taking notes on p0kes f2p calls to learn so that one day I could found my own clan and make it successful. Honestly p0ke was a ******* legend, still is. I miss him, even though he blatantly tried ******* me IRL and kicked me from Control because some kid got mad at me and wanted his account back. (He even called my house phone and we argued in my garrage ROFL!) There were many more good memories in my time playing Runescape. With all these good memories, there is always that one bad memory. My bad memory was watching my community tear themselves apart, with trolls, dishonorably fighting, fake topics, and dossings/hackings. I've made multiple topics stressing that we needed to change, but I just ended up getting trolled out of Pure Warfare by everyone. I'm sad that I quit before the end, but I knew my time would have been miserable here. I used to look forward to every day in this community, everyone was cool, and you could literally pick up a conversation with anyone without getting negatively trolled or IP tracked. I used to be able to just pick up like 5 guys from my clan's ts or ventrilo and go multi pking. but now we can't do that because everyone is too busy getting turmoil or summoning, or they think it's a waste of time. I'm sad that the pure community ended this way though. FOE and FI deserved a great end to their legacy. They are legends in my eyes. Glad MM came out on top, glad people had good trips, but FOE and Fatality will always have my sympathy. I have had many other good memories on Battlescape though, I still continue to do so too. There were some bad times in Battlescape, but I believe we are making a come back.
  9. Funny, because the things I've talked about for a while and gotten ridiculed for, is finally kicking into action, even something as small as this. (Trust me, there are bigger issues)
  10. 06scape hasnt even really come out yet, it's in testing so you can't judge on what it's going to be like. There's too much hype about 06scape for it to close shortly after it comes out. Yeah so what you guys can't relive you childhoods or whatever and it's useless or whatever, but what about the future generations of scapers? Don't you want those kids to relive the memories you did? 06scape is a private server and has perfect opportunities to do just that. The people flocking to this server don't really know about clans, so all this would be new to them, don't let us die here, train up a new generation of pure clanners, that way when we come back ten years down the road to see whats been going on, we can smock and laugh at the noobs arguing at eachother about who crashed who, knowing it's all pointless in the end, but it's still fun for the moment.
  11. Umm where the golden gods and complete domination??? Do more research please. Remember FOE wasn't always the best pure clan back then.
  12. Yeah, well TGG failed the second time due to new tactics, this is 2006scape, right in our ballgame.
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