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  1. The best experience i've had in my life. A pleasure leading this wonderful clan
  2. wow... proof of a cp rank saying that chad's a phisher... WHY ISN'T THIS GUY BANNED YET
  3. Very few of them were in full rune and they had the level advantage tbh. I don't know what the outcome would've been if magic had been turned off but we'll wait and see.
  4. was A LOT of fun. Can't wait to see the outcome tomorrow. Outrage honestly showed a lot of organization at this prep and it shown through the last round :)
  5. THE ONE P2P PREP I MISS. gj guys, glad to see Nurse still gets clumped YOU NUB
  6. 5m says thats solvang. OT: Sorry i couldn't make this trip guys, i'm unbanned on thursday, but thanks to all CT who attended.
  7. idk, i agree it would be more fun if clans came out, but it wouldn't be able to go anywhere without this **** drama we have on weekends which would be carried onto weekday topics. "See you on wednesday" spams are already coming to mind :S. Saturday and sunday trips are meant to prove your worth to the pure community while weekday trips are meant to be focused on making loot against massers/mains for some bank ukno?
  9. Charlie, the good thing is, when you prove their flames wrong, they stop replying to the topic :). I'm glad we're stepping it up a bit in the P2P world tbh
  10. it was a fun fight, the Count in cc thing Skillzy isn't accurate cuz we had 3-5 f2per's just in cc but in a different world since the CC we were using is the same one we use for all our events so we had 33 world count when the war started. there's a pic somewhere, but i didn't think it mattered that much o.o. I'm just very saddened by the fact that clans try to have 1v1's on WEEKENDS and other clans still somehow get in the way... clanwars dangerous is looking better and better :S
  11. Morons if thats true, thats even worse for Drunk's argument >.>
  12. he's not the one blatantly lying then trying to act smart when he knows he's been proven wrong my dear Drunk. It'll be a sad day if you reply to this topic again with another lie, but hey, Whatever makes you sleep at night.
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