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  1. I forgive your stupidity and ignorance. You are oblivious to pretty much everything and let jealousy blind your perception, but I forgive. i'm a better brid than you, i'm a better warrer than you, i'm a better caller than you! sound familiar?? ;P I already ended your career once young padawan I'll ignore your first ridiculous claim because we both already know who's better, clearly. The only thing you ended was your job at taco bell because you wanted more time to play Runescape. Get off the thread you moron l0l. Gwased to ****
  2. It was good fun looking forward to next weekend :D
  3. Allot of ppl got way higher then 40 def :P
  4. Weren't tlp the first clan to allow addy on Runescape? Weren't like a massive amount of you lot 30 def on runescape just before eoc? So why u keep playing on it, it looks like your acting godly when its your choice and it just makes you look like propaganda whores and the bs community is already immature enough. Anyways Good work on your recent success in BS i always knew the server couldn't handle a proper clan from RS
  5. considering its a fullout and eop outpull tlp by quite allot in f2p and its Hi's anni soon so there pulls will be boosted more then likely i'd say 80% chance of eop+hi to win
  6. I do regret closing Cx into Cp, it wasn't time I/We don't regret closing control, it was time sadly, ofcourse we miss it sooooo much but we couldn't sustain it due to various circumstances Apart from that I'd say i wouldn't have changed a thing everything went well in my pure clanning career i believe i was very lucky :)
  7. Demacia CHARGE!!!!! I remember the first one, we used it a couple of times in big mini wars etc, the 10-15 man dd and spread when countdown finishes lol Epic work Havoc despite your obvious excellent warring skills it seems enormity fell asleep as soon as the barrier dropped lol
  8. Good work TLP Nice to see yous strong in P2P as always
  9. you guys are back <3 Good job on your win and good luck vs MM :)
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