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  1. Only have to do MM now and 60 atk then i focus on 90 str
  2. Working on getting D scim and 94 mage
  3. rangers and robin + ranging ammy for max ranging bonus
  4. party hats if you dont care about the money or else Rune Arrows they are like 20 ea lose per alch
  5. have seen the boots before never knew it was that quest thanks for the tip
  6. woow this is old time... Back to the pinkies ;)
  7. i see like every week a new topic about your goals... And every week the topics are filled with awsome stuff.. gratz
  8. I am, slowly but: Combat 58! good luck :)
  9. Nope that 1 fails.. i got FxRangeGuild running for 97 hours so far without anything fails.. Arte logs off sometimes after 5 min
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