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  1. I'm still EOP Cuhhh'n IRL
  2. After spending a long time... Somewhere... I am free. I came back to recover my account. I left a perfect 25 defence pure. came back to... So even if I did come back to RS i'd probably just go main. Not sure if I will. & not just because I talked to my babe Trev on Skype and found out he quit. So much has changed. Either way, just wanted to stop by and say hi for old times sake.
  3. Last time I came back from no where saying I was going to play again and that I was in Jail for my Delivery charge. Well before I could do anything else they sent me back to jail to fight my case. They wanted to give me 21 months prison time which isn't bad considering I argued it down from a 21mo+16mo sentence. Anyways been gone last 6 months fighting it to get probation. after almost 180 days of 23 hour lock down I'm free as of yesterday. I got the worse kind of probation "Zero-Tolerance" meaning I can't **** up 1 time, once with anything. Can't even break curfew or my PO will revoke me and then I serve my suspended sentence of 42 months with good time I'd do a minimum of 2 & 1/2 years. I'll be on Zero-Tolerance for the next 36 months. So to reduce my chances of going back to jail and serving my actual prison sentence and in between my out patient drug classes I decided to go back to nerding. Having a bit of hard luck recovering my account but I plan to come back to the community. I'll go more into depth of my case for those who care as I revolve back into the game. But, mostly I'm just simply done with that lifestyle. NERD ON
  4. In case you're wondering where I went & where I've been... It's been Jail... Link: http://community.statesmanjournal.com/blog...bust-this-week/ I left RS right before I decided to go back to my old selling drug life style & got caught up on Possesion & Delivery of Meth. It's all behind me, still going to court to see if I face Prison time but until then I'm staying clean, back with my babies' momma, working full time and trying to recover my account back from the kids I sold it too. I'll be back an active soon I hope. Missed you guys
  5. ...Maybe. Whats been good PW?! Trevor still around? Where the sluts at?
  6. Just a lil what's up with the whats up. Started a new job, working graveyard shift. That mixed in with 7 month old twins, and a whiny girlfriend doesn't leave me with much time for anything else if I want a social life outside the netz. Not leaving EoP, RS, or PW but might not see my beautiful face near as much.
  7. Midweeks are a blast @ EoP. I just started a new job and haven't been to many latley but's most def the bee's knees
  8. I personally had a barrel of fun
  9. Druzzy

    Body Body

    You're making a new pure is why you're asking!
  10. Voted FOE, could go either way, both clans have great organization
  11. He's dope boy fresh, but I too cant stand hearing the same 3 songs in every other PKRI video posted.
  12. Whip-DDS w/ Monk Robes & Strength Bonus Gear = Devastation
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