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  1. HELLA


    Yeah uniqueness. The only thing attractive about 99 def would be the max cape. But I don't play this game anymore, so what's the point of having that. And I absolutely don't want to do the quests. When I have free time I'll consider it.
  2. I used to do so much PKing to Slow Motion by Juvenile. Recently I heard it playing on the radio and all i could think of was looting some full rune in those trees underneath giants.
  3. Sounds more like you're broadcasting your badassery to the public than apologizing. Anyways, whatever.
  4. HELLA


    Sucks being unable to use higher masters, I think that will get fixed though. Slayer is more gear intensive and weakness oriented now, which is a nice change. I've only done a couple tasks so far and used momentum for each of them. From what it seems, using other abilities could be slightly better than momentum, but the abilities you use would depend on the specific monster you're slaying. XP seems to be faster now.
  5. HELLA

    42 Def

    I've been considered a main for years. The definition of pure tends to increase in inclusiveness as time goes on. EOC's global def requirement increase is a great chance to go from a (generally) unquested 38 def account to a fully quested 50 def account. As far as most people on rs are concerned, I am still type of pure.
  6. HELLA

    42 Def

    Will be doing the most important def quests and seeing how I like ~50, then deciding what to do.
  7. It hurts to read this topic. Anyways, some real accomplishments - Survived 6+ years - Successfully trained and transitioned multiple generations of leadership teams - Maintained healthy rivalries with similar clans (MM, FOE) - Responsible for turning EOP into the most hated clan - Voted #1 pure community for 3 or 4 years
  8. HELLA

    Ability Bar

    I like just using Momentum http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Momentum Having SS helps a lot with training.
  9. Wow, you went from 68->69->70 woodcutting? Good work.
  10. Pure clans spam their channels waaaaaaay too much
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