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  1. **** clan is s h i t. We cleared you and you can watch it on our vid. Your f uckbuddys yr crashed our fight at the end, but they were late.
  2. Nice job on your trip. We got crashed by Enemy when u logged off.
  3. Anyway thanks for all the fights. I personally think the pure clanning is ****** up due crashing.
  4. Today we had a massive pull of 20 brave soldiers of Striketeam, ready to f u c k s h it up. Before the trip started, we had an opportunity to hear an awesome speech by our Founder Chillin. Our trip consisted of tons of fights, but also many clans crashing us. We ended after 3 hours with 17 men. Good job to everyone in Striketeam that stayed til the end. STRIKETEAM VS FURY Our first fight was against Fury. We waited for them for a long time, but instead, we were crashed by clans such as Hostility, Enemy, Activation and Young Rebels. It was all very instant, but thanks to our quick reaction, we were lucky to retreat to mossies and only lose 2 people. From there, we hopped with 18 people. STRIKETEAM VS EXCEL After an unsuccessful fight with Fury we had a fight with Excel. Striketeam started with 20 people and according to xL, they had 12. However, at the battlefield, there were way more than only 12. After a bit of fighting, we realised that we had killed almost every member of xL and were about to claim the win, however, we were crashed by Young Rebels, who were spamming " Off green ". They were just a BIT too late, because xL was already dead. We ran south and dipped with inventories full of runite scimitars. STRIKETEAM VS HOSTILITY We asked Hostility for a fight. The fight was at vents and the opts were same. Hostility attacked us from south and the fight was pretty even for the first minutes. Hostility got the upper hand, but MM+HF crashed. We accidentaly mentioned on the video that the crasher was Enemy. But we did got crashed by Enemy later on. Spoiler: STRIKETEAM VS FURY Our next fight was supposed to be against Fury, yet they lied to us, and instead we were crashed by CP. Thanks! Spoiler: STRIKETEAM VS ACTIVATION Our final fight was against Activation, it also later became the best fight of the day. Striketeam started with 18 men, while Activation also had 17 or 18. At first, it was pretty equal, as Activation took out our only 2 teamspeak callers. However, great ingame calling and quick piles brought us the victory. Activation regrouped and rushed again, but we cleared them yet again. While dipping with the loot, we ran into a few returners of Activation which resulted in more loot. Thanks for the respectful fight, Activation! Spoiler: Spoiler: topic by Henrik
  5. You overpulled us yo. At first we had 18, but you didn't know that 1 guy got ****** net and immediately disconnectedwhen you rushed in and second guy went away, which leaves us to 16 men. After we lost in GDZ the fight moved to vents-mossies as planned. We managed to get the upper hand for some minutes, but then you had like 4-5 more than us so we called off returning (Actually was 15v20 not excuse, we lost, I admit). It's our ****** piles what was and I hope we can get some day matched in clanwars too:) Anyway, nice piles and good job. Gotta work with new members tho, not easy to collect all the pures from Estonia having only ~5k active runescapers :/ And yea for 30 min prep you can't do signups lol.
  6. StrikeTeam massed up 22 strong Estonians for Estonia's 94th and Strike Team's 3rd Anniversary trip. We planned our anniversary last week, but Jagex had problems with servers and being as **** as usual. Anyways it didn't stop us and we were back today, more hungry for loots and kills than ever. We knew this evening was going to be awesome cause there was many clans out, such as: Dutchies, PIC, XL, TF. All the fights were crash-free, so we hope, that these Sunday F2P low-pulling clans pk trips continue. We had great fights and a drop party. We also enjoyed a speech made by our founder Ants and leader Kadunu, which made us the sons of Chuck Norris. Enjoy this topic and I hope to keep it flame-free. STRIKETEAM VS DUTCHIES ur first fight was against Dutchies at maze. They defended because we hopped. Firstly we listened to the mighty speech and then we went on a beast mode. We rushed into them and dropped some pretty fast piles. After that Dutchies gathered themselves and made a great impact. We still took over the fight and killed them and after 10 great minutes maze was cleared. After that we heard Dutchies were returning and some of them was at maze gap. We rushed there and killed them. After that we pushed them to gdz. We cleared gdz and attacked their group in piper and then we pushed them to mossies. We cleared their last desperate returners and dipped with loots and banked. THANK YOU DUTCHIES FOR FLAMEFREE FIGHT. STRIKETEAM VS EXCEL After the fight with Dutchies we had a drop party, cause there was no-one to fight (Dutchies fought XL). The drop party was planned anyway so our founder Ants dropped loads of tasty loots and everyone got rich (YMCMB if ya know what i mean). After the drop party we went back to the wilderness and our leader's mighty scout found us an opponent. Microsoft Office Excel. They were at piper and we thought it would be a good revenge to hit them, cause they were crashing our fights the days before and also other clans fights. We surprised them and pushed our slimy scims into their **** so they went to single and stayed there playin with their Microsoft Office. Karma is a ***** and payback is sweet. No offence other clans, but XL really have ****** us off and I think that was worth a try. STRIKETEAM VS DUTCHIES After the sweet revenge we had our last fight. Dutchies attacked us at vents and it became a pretty good return fight, where we had the upper hand (we had more opts too). It reminded our 1 hour return fight with HI, which was this week, but in this fight we had a better standing. Our member L_Maniac who is also in The Last Pures had a great kill streak and increased TLP's KDR like hell. The fight was about 10-20 minutes and ended with killing the last returners of Dutchies. Anyway I have to thank Dutchies for these fights and I hope we can have these fights in future aswell. We ended our great and fun Sunday with 17 men. Pictures (SH1TLOAD) Spoiler:
  7. its like nerds get himself really high and then says sentences a lil bit longer than usually . no offence this is not rap for me
  8. Just for my country-clan. Im not a pro and not trying to be. and some siggys got a lot more of this ****
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