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  1. I'd have to partially agree with this topic
  2. I disagree. Even if it's 20-30 minutes of action it makes that pk trip worth it. If I were in FOE and I heard this news I would leave right away.
  3. Final Ownage Elite: Umm idk Mayhem Makers: I mahatma I The Last Pures: idk Eruption of Pures: Cody is my hero Fatality:idk Enemy: Prateek Zenith:idk Hostility:I cant pick from my own clan Frenzy:idk Corrupt Pures: Hon0r Exiled Force: Tragic Ascent: idk Mercy: Trent ofc Resistance: Batman
  4. 1. Family Guy 2. Simpsons 3. Southpark.. Simpsons started it all though
  5. In b4 rajj has the most viewed/ most commented on topic in history
  6. sorry I couldnt get you in the pic Tragic! I'm not that photogenic anyways lmao
  7. Do you realize how dumb ur making urself look now? You made a topic of another clanning beating your so called rival? you look really dumb English m8 In b4 kirby getsout englished by mustafa
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