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  1. remind me again what ur lpc that lasted 2 weeks pre eoc do?
  2. we ****** up pretty bad in this fight, ty 4 run in E <3
  3. wasnt @ either, cant make big topic 10v10 vs IR 15v15 cwars event vs Alliance
  4. Today Exiled Force Went Out On Our Usuall Sunday PK Trip, With The Return of a Few Ex-Ranks, We Had an Amazing Trip. Our First Fight, We Rushed SV @ Chaos Altar, Called a Quick Push In Right Off, Got Some Rambo DDS Specs, Dropped a Few, Then The Rest Tele'd, Thanks For The Fight SV This Time Around We Defended Sperm Hill Waiting For SV To Rush, They Came From The East, The Fight Was Pretty Much Even Untill Alliance Crashed, We Quickly Pulled 2 Lvls North To Get a Regroup Before We Rushed South.We Called A Push South And Cleared Everything, Thanks For The Run In SV, And Better Luck Next Time A We Found Alliance Chillin East Of Sperm Hill, We Rushed From The West, Wrapped Around The Hill, Pushed South, And Cleared Them Pretty Quick, Ty 4 Fight. Goobys POV: Uniques POV: Bretts POV:
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