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  1. Yeah, I noticed i spoke a bit fast but I thought my voice was clear enough ill slow down next video thanks. Yeahp, My voice is weird XD, I get told that daily :P Thanks for watching my video guys ^_^
  2. Heres a new frost dragon guide for 1 def pures :) Please leave me some feedback below, Thanks!
  3. Might get you to edit some stuff somtime
  4. Ohaider PureWarfare Lurkers :D This is my 5th pk commentary video that I've made and its just some edgeville whip to dds pking. Its my first com in awhile so please feel free to leave me any comments about what you like/dislike. So I hope you guys enjoy it feel free to like/subscribe it gives you ninja powers and enjoy!
  5. Hey Guys its Brad here and this is my fourth pk commentary video. Hope you guys enjoy it, Like sub w/e tickles your fancy. Cheers :)
  6. Alot of addy for a lpc lol. Gj on trip I guess
  7. Wheee we did so well :D I made a fair bit of bank from the trip since I only died once tehe. Good work guys we just get better and better! P2P tomorrow hopefully we do well
  8. 55 def I love how even though you hit us on log in (because inu is a nice person trusting you btw) we still kicked your ass, and then again, and again, and again. And then we got bored. Idm though, bank was made for me anyway :L
  9. Others will watch the video? Mhmkay since my video shows there being no de at the battlefield at 5 various times during the fight :L Edit: watched your vid, proof you guys got cleared in it :L
  10. It's funny cause I though you guys suggested clw? Either way nice way to act immature yet again. *sidenote nice description for the video
  11. Trip was a tad on the uneventful side but 'twas fun none the less. Great pull for us hopefully we can keep it up
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