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  1. Sexy signatures as always man. +Rep.
  2. What are your predictions for pure clanning and 07Scape in general? I pessimistically feel that after 2 - 4 months there will be a widespread decline in activity. Hopefully I'm proved wrong.
  3. For an alternative, if you're not doing this already; use the extremely well set out IPBoard.
  4. Welcome to the boards morigan. What clans were you in previously? Either way, enjoy your stay.
  5. Mich-ae-l


    Most played champions: Karthus JUST PRESS R
  6. They won't But off topic: I can't ******* believe kids in bs clans have set def requirements above 1 - 10.
  7. RIP Runescape as we know it. I'm sure the pure community will rebuild itself somehow. Not from the old timers from clans such as EOP, FOE, FI, etc. I think MM (if they continue) will not only be the survivors of pures v1; but also the advocate pures v2.
  8. Gusy plz. We al no that frnaco end ric anded nemE. OT: Good luck POP. Have fun in Bs pals. That's all that matters right?
  9. Yeah well that's mms fault for being ignorant. I'm not lowering my clans defence req because like the old days we're now wearing mith and not addy which mm was wearing before the update so there shouldn't be a problem. Eop is now a 1-34 def pure clan for the freedom ability and turmoil etc. For mm to not raise def reqs would be dumb due to the fact that mith is now 30 def, and they used to bash on addy and not mith which they can now not wear! We bashed on your addy because you were all 30+ def. If you were 40+ def we would have bashed on your rune instead. We all hated (and laughed at) the fact that the pure community totally lost sight of what pures were, and started training defense for defense bonuses (instead of focusing on how to preform better offensively) That being said, I don't know what's going to happen with our defense requirement now that EOC is out. Well I hope you guys head in the right direction, seeing as we're wearing mith again!
  10. WE Fnatic TPA M5 CLG EU Crs Eu Crs NA Snoopeh CLG Na WE ddoses 2 much, they are obviously hackers and scammers and crashers, how can u rank them @ #1? WE are **** screencheaters along with fat woong from AF... my list WHICHEVER TEAM OF THESE 7 THAT DOESNT THROW HARD - M5/TPA/FNATIC/WE/AF/NS/CLGEU hmm m5 = crazy good jungler imo and genja tends to never feed either fnatic = good overall i still dont think they are that good tho despite getting #2 WE = amazing mid and ad in particular AF = havent paid attention to them much NS = dont know them, who are they? i prob just dont recognize the shortening clgeu = ****** top really, but froggen carried mostly. Snoopeh is chill aswell Also tis list aswell for me: Worlds best AD - Weixiao / Double's vayne and caitlyn / aphromoo.. Probably Wei #1 Aphroo #2 Double #3 Mid - nyjacky and froggen Top - voyboy is decent but most top laners are pretty even imo Jungler - Oddone and M5's jungler. Support - hmmmmm... some have extremely good synergy with their ad's such as Weixiao's supp, as well as Xpecial with chaox. Aphromoo's style works in solo queue, but as seen in tournaments, it completely fails when everyone is taking **** seriously. Doublelift's vayne > Weixaio For me it would be Team: WE TPA Azubu Frost Fnatic M5 Clg.eu Numerous other Asian teams Clg. Na TSM Dig Worlds best: ADC: Wei Mid: Froggen or RapidStar Top: Stanley Jungle: Diamondprox Support: Anyone but locodoco
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