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  1. to enjoy "Free to play" warring Most people that play don't know what "free to play" warring is In the context of these forums i'm fairly sure everyone knows what it is. And the vast majority of the RS community knows about F2P pking. But generally it will be mainly the clanning (main & pure) community carrying the burden of voting for this. inb4 the p2p based clans try **** the rest of us up by voting no, lol. awwww lol poor little critter doesn't know what to do without his f2p xP You should done F2p and maybe your clan may have actually found success
  2. Are you seriously fighting over which clan had the first Harlem shake video.
  3. Epidemic is pretty high too, our leaders encourage botting heavily.
  4. Gl guys, dont buy into clan rivalry ********
  5. Vote Yes for f2p so there is a F2p element in clanning again. If you're agaisnt it then don't play on f2p servers.
  6. Just like your clan uses that overused name to give it that authentic 2007 feel! No wait you're just IR v4 or v5? I really lost track, sorry! Otherwise goodjob
  7. Next time don't put in your voices? Otherwise great job SP
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