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  1. If you really want this forum active again, move away from Pures and make it a general RuneScape fansite like Zybez or tip.it. There's not enough playbase to just have pures as your dedicated audience.
  2. There's no Pures left. I'm guessing this will be for private servers?
  3. MM FOE Fi CP/EOP/NME/TLP - I Don't even know anymore. Hi Ch/XL IR/Z
  4. Do not even talk to me :down: I would want to talk to you? well this is new, a sassy hom.. nvm.. I'm not gonna go there ;p Please, go there. But we'll see how fair it gets you. I prefer the full term, not just hom..
  5. Do not even talk to me :down: I would want to talk to you?
  6. Shocked to see an account with 1 defence!
  7. I'm still getting the same FPS. Normally solid at 50, but went under 47 at the PK trip.
  8. A gay bar, let's not lie about this. Happy Birthday. :)
  9. Extremely sorry for the loss, can't even imagine how the family are feeling. My Prayers are with you. I honestly can't awnser the question since I've never been in the situation.
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