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  1. you can help by posting (of course) and karl needs help with the running of the forum. pm him for info please
  2. KrlsGirl


    iv started a pure on 07 and have my main on rs3. i like both equally atm
  3. it was brought back because people asked for it and said they would use it and help out (as per OP). but whatever. you may as well take it down again karl. or sell it. you've already had interest, im sure someone will pay a decent amount for it. may as well get something from it
  4. So, after a year of being engaged, d*ckweed here gets me a real engagement ring. Love it though :)
  5. I'll take that as a no then. Really disappointed
  6. so, I've gotta say I'm disappointed with this community so far. It's all well and good saying 'oh I'll help' , but it's all pointless if no one actually does anything . You all expect Karl to run it like he used to but he can't. That's why he took it down in the first place. People have lives. He only brought it back because you guys wanted it and said you'd help. I'm Pretty sure he's just gonna take it down again if non of you bother to do anything on it. Then in a few years you'll all come begging for it back with the same promises and I'll be telling him not to bother. It's your own faults if you lose this 'community' again. I'm not going to bother posting if no one else can be arsed. Ps (Karl) Sorry baby, it was pissing me off.
  7. not joining any clans yet. i dont know enough about them yet. on another note: I just made my first trade on os (that wasnt karl)...not interesting to you lot but im proud of my self lol
  8. KrlsGirl

    The plan

    excuse me but people have things to do. he'll get around to it. how about helping out?
  9. hi, Iv decided to make a proper one of these. I'm Karl's girl. My rs name is 'Mrs Robinson'. I've recently (as in 2days ago) decided to start playing oldschool. I was originally just gonna skill and quest like on the new one but Karl explained properly about pures, you guys and stuff, and I've decided I'm gonna take a crack at it. Can't promise I'll be any good but it's worth a shot and I want to be a proper part of this community. Any advice will be welcomed :) X
  10. Can safely say I'm glad to have never spoken to such an idiot.
  11. I honestly can't believe this happened...how much of a sick **** do you have to be? Poor doggies...I'm wanting to convince Karl to adopt one of the survivors... What shall I go with- 1, but they're so cute! 2, be the good guy, they need help. 3, shall we have a baby instead? Care to advise?
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