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  1. You were getting dismantled despite the fact you had +6 and mith/addy armour on when we first rushed you, I made a call to return with armour after witnessing you had yours.
  2. Forums | Memberlist | IRC Channel: #irclan We had a P2P prep vs We Are Royalty today. We pulled around 30 Intense Redemption members. The rules were 1 Def all off Dung On. Thank you for the flame free and good fight We Are Royalty. I'm very proud of Intense Redemption members this week for going 4-0 in preps this week. Round 1 - Plateau; Safe; Loss Intense Redemption starting - 23 We Are Royalty starting - 23 Intense Redemption ending - 0 We Are Royalty ending - 8 Round 2 - Plateau; Safe; Win Intense Redemption starting - 25 We Are Royalty starting - 25 Intense Redemption ending - 12 We Are Royalty ending - 0 Round 3 - Plateau; Safe; Win Intense Redemption starting - 22 We Are Royalty starting - 22 Intense Redemption ending - 6 We Are Royalty ending - 0 Thank you for the fight We Are Royalty , very close one :)
  3. L0L0L0L0L Hi will be punished for their sins.
  4. Congratulations. Shouldn't this have been posted in the mini war section? :whistling:
  5. Yes, I'm terrified of sacrificing my adamant on Runescape, please be my savior! Do you have downs? lol
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