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  1. Does anyone even still use these forums?
  2. Great job Foe as always. Thanks for the full out Fi was great fun.
  3. Gf too all the kids that doubt us. Thanks for the fight Fi.
  4. Lol they had a pure version last year I remember that only 2 or 3 clans entered. So really its our fault for not taking part last time.
  5. Foe the best pure clan out there.
  6. Pointless topic just post on top clan list.
  7. Not much of a fight if you are sitting in single and we are in mult.
  8. Fun Pk Trip. I had trouble finding clans but who would have figure they all went to clan wars lol. Great job as always Foe.
  9. Seems like every clan last Sunday was having trouble with worlds. Good job on your trip Tlp.
  10. Great job Foe. Thanks Fi for the pkri.
  11. Good job Nme. Hopefully you could give us a run in tomorrow.
  12. Good job Fi. Fight was pretty even for the most part but we had too many kids leave near the end of the fight and couldn't maintain it.
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