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  1. amg f0000000000000000003 pride world wideeeeeeeeeeeeeee Gj
  2. What the hell is a petition gonna do? It's players that affect the wilderness. Jagex doesn't give a **** about that aspect of Runescape and thats a good thing. Remember last time they dealt with it? We lost the wild...
  3. Gj smacking Zenith, TLP looks like you owned them down by ten!
  4. Do CP a favor and shut the hell up Kirbyy, atleast they won't completely retarded.
  5. You must not read CP topics. Get to know your own community?
  6. CP got the **** ahahahha! OT: Great trip boys!
  7. I like how in your banner, the Demon in the top left corner is taking a ****.
  8. Pk vid of the season?
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