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  1. I mean I'm sure people will put a foot in when/if it's needed, but let's be honest - if everybody follows the '07 code' (WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT HAPPENS) it won't take much. People need to remember the fun that occured in these times, nothing was taking serious, and it should be that way this time. This is our chance to improve ourselves as a community, a PURE and let me ******* bold PURE for the 39 def faggts, and we can all bond, have our rivalries if neccessary, but in the end take it slow and approach it the correct way, in fun form of course. We need to eliminate the DDoSing and hacking. Simple is. was this reply to the other topic bro? o.o
  2. "Honour" is stupid as is anyone who "abides" by it
  3. so Zac won't be leading with you guys this time? goodluck as well =]
  4. won't last 20 Def ini pure's were always good :P haha as long as you weren't one of the lilguys in monk robes :D
  5. won't be as fun we just aren't that young anymore
  6. nice, looked awesome! gotta agree with Andy though, the XP rate has already put me off D:
  7. jagex cleared the world sonnie
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