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  1. Its a new game, Eoc isn't all that bad but most of us are too old to even put effort in trying to learn the new combat style, step on.
  2. More than half of the pure community left to battlescape
  3. I've tried it, I don't like the new combat system, multy is pretty much out the question, clw is the only thing left? I'm outty
  4. Gj mates, thanks havoc for the prep.
  5. Lol have you tried the new combat style. You can't even wear half of the stuff in your bank. If people say 'adapt or die' that's really talking out of your rear.
  6. Relax children. Not even out pulling us helped MM, Fatalityx:: The Pure Elites Kings of P2p. Outnumbered, but not outmatched. To answer your questions yes we are the top dominant clan in 2012. I didn't see people not giving preps to Foe/MM out of fear of losing. You contradict yourselves weren't clans starving us? Admit your defeat. It saddens me that the Proclaimed kings only fight struggling clans.
  7. We're the kings of P2p, outnumbered get steamrolled. Fatality :: The Pure Elites
  8. Fatality The Pure Elites Kings of F2p
  9. Simmer down children, this year was dominated by Fatality The Pure Elites. Hate it or love it, Its not going to change the fact that this was our year, you can twisted any way you want the truth hurts put some salt on your wounds.
  10. Kings of p2p, don't hate we don't need to pull 30+ more than the competition to even compete.
  11. Outnumbered, you got steam rolled you can't compete time for a dirt nap.
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