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The Difference?

Failed Again

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FOE are #1 right now in both servers.


does that answer your question?



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One crashes wars on a continuous bases, their favorites being the ones such as IR vs CH, and the like, and the other rarely crashes unless being seriously provoked.


That is the difference my friend.



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Give it a rest will you, it's boring seeing you make a topic about you wanting a mm vs foe war every 4 seconds and just flaming mm in them. There #1 F2P because they always kick your asses in the fights that really matter. Ok you might be on a high right now but you still cant beat them in a full out, proven 6 weeks ago. They dont need to prove anything right now because if they fight you enough times your obviously going to win one, then when you win one your just gonna rub it in. So wait until MM need to prove something or until at lest 3 months have passed before you challenge again. Right now your just making your clan look like abit of a joke tbh, foe is known for being mature and taking the high ground, right now your jeopardizing that reputation.

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