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Flax 2 Bowstring = $$$


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Requirements to do the guide:

10 crafting is highly recommended

90K is needed



Starting off go to Varrock,Grand Exchange buy 1K Flax after you buy those items teleport




Teleport to Lumbridge go up to the bank withdraw 28 Flax I recommend that you dont bring any items with you so you can have a lighter weight to run faster

When you withdraw the 28 Flax go down 1 stairstep and look for the Spinning Wheel this is close to doing that quest called "The Lost Tribe" when you found the spinning wheel use the Flax on the wheel and right click on the blue flower "Flax" and click spin all





When you start spinning these these will turn into BS "Bow Strings" which is:



Enjoy the guide :) :P




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This is how i make my money

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i remember doing this when i was like level 40

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I did this legit on my very first main in 2005-2006 that got membership.

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