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Fatality in like 06 from a friend

(16:25:47) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got faking ddosed

(16:25:49) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got ddosed

(16:27:46) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> mm youre such *******

(16:27:48) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> stop ******* ddosing

(16:27:54) <+[Foe]Life_To_Dds> mm ur mothers irl ******* feqs

(16:30:21) <%[Foe]Xfresh|Jordan> its getting ddosed again

(16:30:23) <+Ultra> can we move to eop ts or something

(16:30:26) <+Ultra> 3rd ******* time

(16:30:13) <+Ikz> 100-0 cmon guys they didnt even hit you and u lost

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Its funny cause VD was my first clan ever (Pure/main) because i knew bro--of--str irl and told me to always train with strength and never click block on traiing option so i became pur3@@@@

Proud founder of Violent Demise
Proud Member of Intense Redemption
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Calamity - Saw them pking in old wild long back. Was very interested, wanted to join


Corrupt Pures - When i was following CY around (i thougt they were #1 and gods), out of nowhere came these blue capes, rapin them. I was like OMFG and joined



While you're steaming over PW, I'm chilling @ school as top dog.. ouch.
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Fatality from masser clans saying "OH **** FI RUN" Then my first clan Tragedy

Proud Founder of Carpediem
Proud Founder of Hysteria
Proud Leader of Malice
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fi- even masser clans were scared of fi in 2006

»15:40:10« <@Jay> You're not even close to being intelligent enough to speak to me.


^ Why would you cite me on the quote, when my name's clearly in it...


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