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Complexity vs Ex.


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Referring to http://www.pure-warfare.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11172


Well exclusive " This full out is on wednesday. Exclusive declared to prove them we're better and always been better :) "


Yous sure are better aint ya's losing.


Complexity Trois, Ex Zero (french)


No Vent No Problem.


^ Well basically miraculously Cx's Ventrilo got crashed (ddosed) 5 secs into the first round start, but our epic ingame spam calling overcame their 30+ and 40+ defs, cx using vent would have resulted in annihilation.


Exclusive said they declared on us to prove we are massers and cant pull, yet we pull 53 to this event which toke place on Wednesday 3rd November 2010, anyways i have substantial evidence of Exclusive mass recruiting and recruiting non pures to their ml, humiliating themselves etc, after pming me non stop with their fail pointless flame.








17:51 [Ex]Gu1lty_2h_ and the people we added to ml w/o apping were all ex-ex members

18:00 [dF]NasTy False, 0 twinpl0x 0 was never ex, he was in df


(18:05:57) <%[CX]Crumps`> (18:05:23) <@[Ex]xVideos> F00t just register and be there please


For the record, they is more, much more for example a cx spy going to a exclusive prep on his 40 def account etc and them going from 51 memberlist to 65 within 12 hours before the ml lock and no applications being accepted within those 12 hours, tbh that same week.. but thats enough for now


Exclusive, we have been monitoring yous for a while now, yous seem to do nothing but disappoint, accepting unquested 30+ def lvl 70's, crashing cx vent because yous are desperate (we know who it was and this will be handled) and still losing 3-0, atleast if cx had vent and we won yes but crashing cx vent and still losing c'mon...


Sorry Exclusive your nonstop flame pms which were disgusting and crashing of the cx vent has forced me to do this.


Gl rebuilding Ex'


Exclusive, Please refrain from flaming



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Funny that they keep calling us Massers while we aren't its just searching something to don't be dissapointing in their own clan wich is funny in my eyes XD


~Goodfight Exclusive next time please stop doing like that. ddossing our vent? how CHILDISH can you be :)

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GJ CX on your win.

Next time, win with class and don't post saying they cheated. Even if they did, you still won didn't you? Beating a cheater is the best thing in the world. Feel proud that you did beat a cheater, but next time, win with class and composure, not flaming EX to make them look bad.




GJ CX, no flame intended EX, just saying it how it is.

Plnkaroundme | Proud Ex-Corrupt Pures General | Ex-Warring God
I Don't Scape Anymore
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(sorry about 2nd post thought I would be done with this topic)





No offense but this topic just makes us look bad.

You're flaming Exclusive while you say "Exclusive refrain from flaming this topic."

If you want to make a point, win the fullout, which we did, so if you want the world to know about our win, take it to the Aftermath forum.



Founder of Critical Crew
Member of The Last Pures
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