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  1. refer 2 sig refer 2 sig refer 2 sig refer 2 sig Seeing how you closed, I'd say you are the one that faded away, while everyone is still burning. I like how, even in your closure, you are positive, but you reflect it in the wrong way.
  2. the cycle of CP closing clans continues!
  3. Pink


    b careful in military. got a lot of respect for that
  4. I'm guessing this has gone to ****? That's a damn shame.
  5. This may be just me, but the last time I went to a war with CP was probably a month ago. Before that, I had been away for a good 10 months. I didn't notice much change, but yes, I was a bit rusty. That is why I have been trying to practice a bit to take away some of that rustiness.
  6. derrick is lurking now i cant flame 3:
  7. Hi. The Legend Pink is returning to the battle field. CP Wins
  8. What was it called back in the day? Ah yeah.. nh. Who gives a **** about 'honor'
  9. read my sig and weep [aka rip your 1 def accs] HAHAHAHAHA Re-read my original post, and try to stay on topic. Joined: 15-October 11 :teehee: Apparently, Join dates now mean being smarter and better than one another. Joined: 26-July 09 Cool, I guess I'm smarter than you! Anyways, I'm not sure how NME got involved in this topic when it doesn't concern them. Perhaps 'Tap-Me' should read #9 on his signature.
  10. so, your adaptation was 1-10 defense to 1-35 defense. Now 1-45 defense? You have a problem with the way our clan is wrong? Wow, we must look to change the way in which Enemy is run in order to please the great Pink for no-one knows more about clanning than him. Current clan: CP. Sorry about that, I must've missed that part. I don't associate myself with any clan any more. As to your comment, I don't have a problem with how your clan is run at all. Why? every clan does the same things, just in different variations. Your clan is run quite well actually. As to your second comment, that would be very accurate, but not entirely true. I do know more about clanning than 99% of this community, but there are others that have been around for less time than me, and do know more than me. However, when it comes to the time I've spent clanning, I cover about 99.99% of this community. I also don't appreciate your hostile conversational tone. I was making a legitimate comment. Earlier, in your clan history, your clan said, and said again, and stood by what you said. That would be, Enemy would never raise their defense requirements. When you did, all hell broke loose, but now I understand why you did, and there is nothing wrong with it. Every clan adapts with the times, and it always will. Now, the point I am now trying to make is this. No pure clan, at their beginning,ever fathomed that Runescape would cause them to become a 1-35 defense clan, and now a 1-45 defense clan. It was as if, we wouldn't even hear of it in the old days. It was like with Enemy. Many clans have promised themselves they won't raise to 40+ defense, but now it is a possibility because times are changing. With times changing, we must also change, but how? IVP and Scott, don't think of me as an enemy, but as a wise, old man, just giving advice to young children of a new generation that will eventually take over. Good day sir. //pink
  11. Pink

    Naruto GFX

    Just looking at those two sigs, and your signature, I see you like one style. That would be to take a main face, in the middle-ish, then put other faces in the background. Sometimes, it looks good, but other times, it gets old. I recommend trying something new, rather than sticking to one style. Maybe some c4d's? Good luck! //pink ps. I love naruto! :D
  12. so, your adaptation was 1-10 defense to 1-35 defense. Now 1-45 defense?
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