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looking for now

cx ftw yes

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hello my in game name is cx push. i never thought i would make this topic but it seams complexity has a good chance of closing with in this week.


my levels are 40 att 74 str 73 range 67 mage 44 prayer 20 def and 65 cb


i am willing to get them up if needed for a med level clan


i am really into ftp but dont mind geting into p2p


thanks ! :)

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www.corruptpures.invisionzone.com / #clan-cp


A stable clan with a good community, I'm sure you'll fit in just fine ^^

"it used to take over my life but now im no longer a prisinor of the game, i will never let myself get addicted again."


Quit 9/25/10

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come check out zenith, #zenith i know we had our wars again cx, well we do 3-4 f2p-p2p minis a day, we try and get 2 f2p preps a week, f2p pk trips,p2p pk trips, pulling 35's in both servers, if not zenith #clan-cp, goodluck finding a new home buddy. :bunny:

Proud To Have Been Zenith.




Semptember 18th 2012




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Personally ive seen you on these boards i think your cool and relaxed which almost every member at Zenith is seeing as our history with CX i wouldn't be suprised if you didn't want too a few Cx members just joined us and they seem to love it idle in our Irc to get to know some members :D


IRC: #Zenith


Forums: www.zenith-rs.com

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I would really join CP :)


We're a stable clan, you know how we're doing, dominant in F2p and still picking up the pace in P2p.


I guess we have a similar community to CX, but we've been open for a longgg time and we're not going anywhere anytime soon :)


You just need a 82+ stat now, either str or range, I would train one of them up, you won't regret it :)


In the meanwhile, come hang out in #clan-cp or give us a shout at www.corruptpures.invisionzone.com


See you around, GL on your search!



While you're steaming over PW, I'm chilling @ school as top dog.. ouch.
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