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looking for a new clan


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Well, you can try out EF, but you probally hate us >_>. We are a f2p clan and do a few p2p minis, but we need more p2p members in order to start p2p. Come check out EF at www.ef-rs.com and see if you like the community. If you like us, give us a shot. Our irc is #clan-ef

Join EF today at:





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try out corrupt pures :)! we can give anyone a great fight in f2p and each week we're stepping it up in p2p aswell, gl finding a clan



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Come check Cp out rhys. We love f2p and not scared to do some p2p. Sorry about El, but CP has a great community and people always willing to help.






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Seing you want P2p I'll say Carnage or TLP. However, I'd like you to consider Corrupt Pures even though we're mainly F2p. Why?


  • We're both F2p/P2p, however the amount of F2p we do makes it hard to notice our P2p events.
  • All our Pking trips are fun as hell
  • Corrupt Pures ventrilo will give you some great moments making you feel a life, might sound gáy but its something I haven't experienced in any other clans audio, trust me on this.
  • We're without a doubt the most chilled clan and we don't give this game the seriousness others does. Don't get me wrong, we rarely lose fights in wilderness and we don't even walk around being all silence and ****. Everyone know what to do when a war pops-up, this is what makes our trips enjoyable and fun to attend.
  • We're all sexy :D


Just consider it and if you're clear about joining a P2p based clan, I'll suggest Carnage or TLP.


Good luck finding a clan ;).

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Come give EF a test drive we would love to have you, you have the perfect stats to start us developing our p2p skills and you sure look like you could give us a great hand






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Come check out #Zenith i've seen you in EL's irc you seem cool :) were F2p/P2p based getting preps weekly including our p2p one tomorow, we're a chilled clan with a cool community :)


IRC: #Zenith


Forums: www.zenith-rs.com

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Rhys Of E?


Im I Hormone I if you are the Rhys from Epidemic Bro.



You should join Zenith bro :)


We do really good in both f2p and p2p and looking for more experienced members to join the fun.







Good Luck :)

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#War-rs, check us out.


P2p based but we are gonna get into f2p.


:) Gl finding a clan.

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