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  1. p2p is dead, f2p is great from the first page of this topic I can see a lot of you really don't know anything about main clanning, no offence ofc
  2. your better off selling those 5k uncharged berk shields as they're about as good as steel kites /epicfacepalm
  3. that's retarded, sorry. It's the minority who are making the decisions whether or not to accept turmoil and 30+ defence, it's the ranks in clans like EoP Cp and FOE who decide for the majority i.e their member bases whether it will then be acceptable for them, in a nutshell clan leaderships have ruined and abused an obviously OP MIDLEVEL ORIENTATED update to their own ends in the process, killing the pure community. clans who 'make themselves their own' as you put are main clans, not what pure clans should be which is specialist, if you want to look at it this way I'll gladly start apping clans with my 122 instead of a 73, because obviously it's their clan they can accept me with 92 defence just aswell with 1 because they want to, yours is a flawed argument friend.
  4. yeh for mid levels, not pures, and to think addy clans complain when HF hit them.
  5. everyone I've seen so far in these new lpcs are the same old people just on new lil guys, don't know how long this phase shall last 2bh but meh the pure community is still dying
  6. it was a short prep, babes was fun transitioning through Ir/E GL next time #BP
  7. gratz, now stop spamming irc
  8. Malice won't win unless i'm there ofc
  9. it's okay my fellow malice babycakes, i wasn't there to slap Inu in the proper directions, we'll have our revenge, have no fear!
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