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Rob's Introduction.

Celine Dion

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Sup Pure-Warfare'ers. Its Rob from CP. Im 18 years old, currently a senior in High School (an American one). I live in Germany, and no, I am not a Nazi, nor am I German, but I fluently speak German. I Enjoy chilling, partying, scaping, skating, gravity bongs, drinking, all nighters, you name it. I heard that pw was a decent community, so I've decided to join it. Well, thats me!


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I'm sure if Nick/M4G1CA sees this he will be happy, he always says "man there's no other Germans in the pure world".


Hey there, welcome to Pure Warfare.

Tom N Eto. 99 Range, 99 Strength, 99 Hitpoints Pure.
Ex-The Hatred High Council.
Ex-The Dreaded High Council
Malice Founder. Something words can't describe.

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