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  1. Tom N Eto

    Starcraft II

    Yo Bob, think you'll play HoN/Dota2?
  2. I like calling in on IRC to see my old friends whom I met clanning which is what kept me playing all those years back. Now I don't play long games like that where you have no time limit, I play HoN (Dota) where games at their longest are 70ish minutes.
  3. Was in a few newbie no name pure clans then joined The Hatred, had this RSN. Pretty sure TGG opened in 2007 or 2008... PA opened in 2006 I think..... Not 100% sure.
  4. Let's not forget Potato! Would probably replace Tom N Eto with Tom R Hawt.
  5. This isn't pure at all, what a disgrace.
  6. I love how I've been retired for two years and still get mentioned despite never being at a war and only 1 trip since Malice reopened.
  7. So a few years ago back in Malice 2009 I posted a promotional video titled Malice! at the Disco here on Pure Warfare, since then Youtube has claimed the audio and now the video is only available in a few countries. However being the tight clan we are, we cared about our disco, it was a large part of our Runescape livelihood, in Malice V2 we decided to take the next step and become more involved with one another not only in Runescape, but in real life. Since Malice v1 a number of us have met one another in real life, created Facebook groups together, exchanged pictures that we normally wouldn't and have even had mass meetings. Here's the video of Malice's first proper meeting, I proudly present to you, Malice! at the Disco v2.
  8. Don't make me go into my philosophy.... I have it all planned it. Tom N Eto, saviour of the pure world.
  9. Intense Redemption - Zo Eruption of Pures - Old Pk3r Mayhem Makers - Mahatma Final Ownage Elite - Cha0s Pure The Last Pures - Bl00d 4 u Fatality - Badb0yl0nd0n Corrupt Pures - Drunk Control - P0ke Zenith - P0ke Outrage - P0ke We Are Royalty - P0ke Chaotic - P0ke Defiance - P0ke Havoc - P0ke Enemy - Bob Exiled Force - The guy who always tries to put IP catchers in #Malice IRC. The Hatred - Pur3 Sponge Massacre - P0ke Malice - M4g1ca/Grim Torture, first thing that come to my head was both of them making love.
  10. just bumping an old topic to let all the haters know that im not scaping again. this was just a random day i felt like coming on
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