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  1. They are incompatible, but you're still over complicating it. If one chooses to be religious, they will be no matter what scientific or rational findings you throw at him. This is called faith. Surely, if you were to choose which is logical and rational between science and religion, it would easily be science.
  2. Impressive sings, keep up the progress!
  3. The grand tree is simple, you stand behind the rock to your left and mage him until he dies.
  4. 750K is a longshot. However if by some miracle it happens, it would be quite interesting. Although I highly doubt that the pure clanning world will return to it's former glory.
  5. it'll still be better than what we have today.
  6. hello tim , I introseduce myself now. My name is Chris Daily aka P0ke N die2 or Celine Dion, I live in England and on my spare time I like gaining popularity by posting C++ coding tutorials and playing Runescape with my boyfriends. Ocassionally I go to a gay brothel and allow big black man to position their cocks in my ass. Here is my pic, about two months ago after I lost 88 pounds
  7. Edit: needs some editing, will post an update later today.
  8. hey guys my name is david and I know when to tell you to turn on your overheads!
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